I am so excited to officially announce a new service I am offering!!!wicca

HOUSE CLEARING/BLESSING complete with HOME RITUALS and individual mini psychic readings!!!

Behind the scenes I have been providing house clearings for existing clients and internal referrals. It has become a huge success and passion so I have decided to now advertise this as a new service to all!

A house clearing with me is not an ordinary clearing of energy or unwanted spirits. I will customize your clearing as I am  intuitively guided to do so. In preparation for your clearing I will ask for the names of all individuals living in the home, then as Spirit guides me I will channel information provided and journal this to bring and share.  I will clear your home then cleanse each household member before reentering the home. I will set intentions of protection over each household member while providing a mini intuitive reading in relation to the energy of the home and your soul purpose. Lastly as a group I will lead you in a customized ritual (also intuitively designed for your home)to seal the clearing and bring our session to completion.

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My methods for clearing not only create lasting result but because they are Spirit led I am able to leave you with tools to help  keep the energy in your space clear, leading to a more peaceful environment and soulful life. A clearing with me will be insightful as well as helpful in identifying your soul journey path. I do not want to just clear your home of unwanted energy and spirits but I want to see your life cleared of these as well… Call me or email me today and trust that you will not regret it!!!

Contact Paige 720*290*7468 or email sereneescapeshealing@gmail.com

SESSIONS are typically 1.5 hrs depending on the energy I feel upon arrival to your home.escape_and_healing


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