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I’m here to validate you can TRANSFORM experiences into catalysts for personal change! You can THRIVE in the human experience! You can FIND CONNECTION to SPIRIT and DIVINE SELF! You can AWAKEN your DIVINE PURPOSE! ?

Without purpose we are merely alive, not truly living! ??

As a mother of 4 children I understand the importance of  balance between self  and daily responsibilities of life! Just like you, I have stories! I too face the challenge of understanding the human experience when life feels like it is being done to me, not for me and I have little control!  I have suffered, survived and thrived in different stages of my life but one thing remained stable: my connection to Spirit.

My connection to Spirit led to awareness of self and served as guidance and support during the hard times. I was able to see and feel unconditional love from the Divine through lessons taught in hardship and celebrations in successes, which led to gratitude for it all!

I have too many stories to share, on how Spirit supported me, guided me or pushed me to discover my true self and purpose. Collectively those experiences drove me to own my responsibility in the world and contribute light in the midst of darkness, which led me to discovering my purpose of helping others do the same!

My purpose is to hold healing space and provide encouragement for others on this journey with me and those who are still in need of discovering their connection and purpose! ? IF this resonants with you,

I want to empower YOU to be YOU by discovering YOU! ⭐️

I believe helping ourselves and others in soul work is the one true way to ensure a future world I’d want my children to inherit. A world full of more wisdom, enlightenment, love and grace. ??


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What to expect with a session by Paige

All information discussed, unless related to the harm of yourself or others, during sessions with Paige at Serene Escapes & Healing, is confidential and will not be shared with any outside parties unless permission is given by the client/financially responsible party.

Any advice or information given by Paige is NOT intended for diagnosing/treating/or to be used as literal information in decision making. It is strictly an influx of information from the Divine as guidance and is to be used upon discretion of the client in the way they choose or feel to be appropriate for their own needs/desires/life.

If you have a history of mental illness it is NOT recommended to proceed with any Spiritual sessions until or unless you are under professional care and have a clear understanding of coping mechanisms for your personal life and situations that arise. It is NOT fair to you or others involved, to work in other spiritual realms or seek sessions that address personal issues if you DO NOT have a proper grasp on the physical world/daily life due to undiagnosed or untreated mental health issues! In the case this is not disclosed to Paige with Serene Escapes & Healing we do reserve the right to dismiss you as a client and refer you to a professional for help! If  while working with a client, mental health issues are discovered to be undiagnosed or untreated we again reserve the right to dismiss you as a client and refer you to a professional for help! If you are experiencing thoughts of harming yourself or others, please seek medical attention or professional care immediately and/or call 911!

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